Letter to the Editor: Support for Hayes

To the Editor:

How will you vote in November’s gubernatorial election? Will you vote not-Democrat or not-Republican? Will you vote not-LePage? Will you vote Republican or Democrat because your parents always did and you always have, no matter what?

I would like to suggest that we vote for the person who believes in problem solving collaboratively. We need to require that the politicians we hire focus on doing their job of representing their constituents, instead of gaining and maintaining their power and the power of their party.

I would like to suggest that we consider voting for Terry Hayes for governor. She is currently the Maine state treasurer, having been elected twice by bipartisan vote in the Legislature. She is running an independent, Clean Elections campaign with no obligations to outside interests or political parties. She has earned the respect of people in Maine government for her non-partisan leadership. For example, when Governor Paul LePage halted $600 million in transportation investments because he didn’t like the attorney who was hired as bond counsel, it was Terry who walked the Governor back and brokered a compromise that released the money and put 4,500 Mainers back to work fixing Maine’s roads and bridges. Terry is tired of politicians’ broken promises and wants to get back to helping Maine families and businesses.

We in Maine deserve a governor who tells the truth, puts people above party, and wants to get to work and get the job done!

Nancy T Sargent


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