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To the Editor:

I read the Islander’s recent editorial about the Emera-owned property on Edgewood Street in Bar Harbor.

In many ways, the structure is a good example of early industrial architecture and certainly more interesting than many of the Downtown Village buildings that are fussed over. There are, in my mind, issues relating to preserving or re-purposing the structure beyond consideration of it being used for an improved substation.

While the building may appear vacant to many, it has been the location of an artist’s studio for approximately a quarter of a century. Further, many years ago, we inquired of Bangor Hydro, the prior owners, about offering the building for use as a studio arts and crafts center for Bar Harbor.

At the time, the presence of the substation made re-purposing impossible, and we were told that there may be some opportunity after the substation was moved. My last communication with Emera indicated that my letter was still on file.

Almost anyone involved in the creative arts knows that it is almost impossible to find studio space in Bar Harbor and truly impossible to find affordable space.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Bar Harbor could have an in-town creative arts center?

Yes, the former Bar Harbor Electric Generating Company building is still a dream, and yes, the building would need significant and costly repairs, but it is not one that we are ready to give up on yet.

Anyone who would like to see this happen could contact me or Melita Westerlund and perhaps this can become a reality.

Stewart Brecher

Bar Harbor

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