Statesmanship badly needed

To the Editor:

Growing up in the great State of Maine has been an honor and a privilege.

Over the years, Mainers have distinguished themselves as national leaders in the care of our environment. Our citizens have been leaders in high quality craftsmanship. They also are recognized around the world for their phenomenal work ethic. Our leadership as small business entrepreneurs is truly amazing.

A number of these talented citizens are members of the Maine Legislature team. Like any talented team, a visionary leadership is the key to success in order to help the team reach its full potential.

Governor Paul LePage has failed to provide the leadership to take advantage of the human resources we Mainers have. With positive leadership, talented team members would continue to help keep the Maine environment the envy of our whole country. Empowered team members would help provide educational opportunities that would result in more job opportunities and an improved economy.

Instead of providing positive team leadership, LePage has bullied and demeaned his colleagues in order to get his own way. The disrespect that the governor has shown the Maine Legislature is unprecedented.

Hopefully, new legislation for ranked-choice voting, which would require a majority of votes in order for the winning candidate to take office, will appear on the 2016 ballot. An instant run-off would be required when majority support is not reached.

We need a governor who knows how to lead his team in a statesmanship-like manner and is willing to compromise when needed.

The 2016 election will not come soon enough.

Bob Chaplin

Bar Harbor

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