Spurning diplomacy

To the Editor:

U.S. Senator Susan Collins’s decision to vote “no” on the historic nuclear deal with Iran comes as a major disappointment to her constituents here in Maine who see that agreement as our best chance of avoiding an arms race in the Middle East.

The U.S. military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven disastrous, with no end in sight to the bloodshed and chaos. Yet today, efforts to achieve peaceful solutions by negotiation and compromise are belittled by the likes of former Vice President Dick Cheney, Benjamin Netanyahu and Senators Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz.

It seems that Senator Collins, in spite of her reputation as a moderate, chooses to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with such right-wing figures in pursuing the failed policies of the past, rather than supporting the real long-term security of our country.

By aligning herself with those who spurn diplomacy, the “moderate” senator shows herself to be, unfortunately, a hawk in dove’s clothing.

Gene Clifford

Mount Desert


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