Show respect

To the Editor:

On the day designated by the federal government as a holiday in which we celebrate our declaration to be free of the tyranny forced upon our Founding Fathers by King George III, I attended the Bar Harbor version of the July Fourth event and must confess that while the celebration was entertaining, I did observe the dark underbelly of political discontent on display.

Our sitting president was portrayed as a “Pinocchio liar” by one group, and subsequently yet another group with a political agenda portrayed him as the cruel imprisoner of immigrant children.

As a former officer of Marines, I would like to suggest that what was lost in those inappropriate displays of partisan angst was the real meaning of the Fourth of July.

For those of you who have never offered your life to protect those God-given freedoms that are referenced in the Declaration of Independence, I would suggest that more respect be offered our nation’s leaders and that positives will in the end outweigh negatives.

Should I desire to watch malcontents rail against the current administration, I can do so at home and get my fill of it on CNN and MSNBC. However, I do not care to have that inappropriate behavior displayed at a public celebration of our founding document.

Bruce Hightshoe

Bar Harbor

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