Serious trouble

To the Editor:

Surely, it is now time to fire Governor Paul LePage. While his previous abuses of power: removing artwork that was not his to remove, threatening (illegally) to withhold funding for voter approved spending (twice), etc., were enough in my opinion, his latest antics in making threats and going after an opponent’s livelihood are beyond the pale.

Except they aren’t antics anymore. His actions are not becoming of anyone, but we expect more from a state leader than the vindictive blackmailing of an opposition leader.

And his words to the son of a cartoonist at Boys’ State display such bad judgment, it questions his ability to govern.

To suggest, after all that has happened in recent weeks, to 200 high school students no less, that the resolution of any issue, much less the free expression of ones opinions, should be handled by summary execution is not only not funny, it is dangerous.

Suppose someone were to mistake his “joke” for a suggestion. (“Will no one rid me of this troublesome cartoonist?”) Just imagine if that student had suggested as a “joke” that LePage be shot. That student would now be in serious trouble. And rightly so.

Being the leader of a state or nation is considered to be occupying a bully pulpit. This is taken to mean that the leader should use his or her position to persuade the public on issues for the greater good. It does not mean, as LePage seems to think, that he has a license to abuse his power and become a bully. He should be removed.

Lunn Sawyer

Southwest Harbor


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