Senior issues

To the Editor:

If candidates for elective office in Maine are wondering which issues are of the greatest concern to the state’s most active voting demographic, a new AARP survey can help. We recently surveyed 2000 registered voters in Maine, age 50 and older to see what issues they find most important for candidates to focus on.

The results of the survey revealed that older Mainers will likely vote for a candidate who will work on creating better communities, work to ensure financial stability for seniors, support caregivers and fight against fraud in the state.

Nearly 70 percent of those surveyed considered it a top or high priority for Maine elected officials to support age-friendly communities. One important message to the candidates from the survey: older adults in Maine want to stay in their homes as they age.

Another major issue of concern for older voters is financial security. People want to be able to retire and still have the security of knowing that they can afford to live their lives. This means having affordable homes, affordable prescription drugs, as well as protecting programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Voters age 50 and older make up the majority of people that go to the polls in Maine. Working on issues important to them will make Maine a better place for everyone

Rich Livingston

AARP Maine President