Seasonal shuffle

To the Editor:

The seasonal shuffle is on.

I have to vacate my winter rent so my friends can rent it out by the week.

There are foreclosure properties that have been unclaimed for years. Eventually, they are torn down and seem to be replaced with houses rented to tourists by the week.

In the meantime, for those of us who live here year round, it’s a game of musical houses.

This community can solve this issue. I know it can. But it has to be unconventional and innovative, perhaps repurposing what is here, a joint effort by multiple agencies.

We need to look at the health of the entire community. What kind of town do we want to live in? What kind of town will we end up with?

My friends are bantering about the idea of a private housing authority that could use crowdfunding to purchase one house at a time and rent to year round families. They would not have to be anything grand, just modest houses – normal people houses.

I would encourage a public forum at a library with the Housing Authority, Island Housing Trust, Acadia National Park people, town zoning officials, everyone involved in development and sustainable options.

If people cannot afford to live here, who will fix the lobster boats? Who will keep shops open and clean the vacation rentals?

Rebecca Brugman

Southwest Harbor

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