Sanders is best choice

To the Editor:

After Sen. Bernie Sanders’s victory in the Maine caucuses and his stunning upset in Michigan, it looks more and more likely that he will be the Democratic nominee.

The race in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District is going to be close, and he’s going to need Republicans and independents to support him in November. Many people support his prescriptions for universal healthcare, college for all and an end to disastrous trade policies which hurt American workers. But some are asking, “How can we afford all this?”

If you look closely at Sanders’ tax plan, you will notice that most working Mainers are not going to see their taxes go up under President Sanders. What they are going to get is a huge reduction in the cost of healthcare, thousands of new good-paying jobs, a rebuilt infrastructure and a chance for their kids to go to college without having to take out enormous debt. We can’t afford not to do these things if we want to remain competitive in the global economy.

And foreign policy matters too; if we had not invaded Iraq in 2003, we could have paid for these programs several times over.

Sanders voted against the war in Iraq and believes it was one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in modern history. As Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has been pointing out, Sanders is the only candidate in the race with a non-interventionist attitude toward foreign policy that will keep us away from ill-conceived wars of regime change in the future.

Max Coolidge

Blue Hill

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