Safe refuge

To the Editor:

Mount Desert Island has much to offer both residents and visitors. One of the main attractions is Acadia National Park. But life here is more than the beauty of the park.

We are lucky to have a wildlife rehabilitation center here on the island, which is run by an amazing woman and a dedicated group of volunteers. At the center, injured or abandoned eagles, water fowl, fisher kits, fawns and even a moose or two can be given a safe refuge and good care until they can be released back to their natural habitat.

The Acadia Wildlife Foundation is a nonprofit organization and dependent upon the generosity of donations made by residents and visitors alike to help these animals, all of which are part of the wild beauty that attracts people who visit or live here on the island.

I hope people will support this foundation so that it may continue to protect our wildlife.

Barbara Roth

Bar Harbor

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