Running scared

To the Editor:

I am scared and angry. To gun owners, I want to say, you are right. Guns are not responsible for the killings of thousands of people. Killers are.

But gun owners bear a large part of the responsibility. Those who have an enthusiasm for guns, an indifference to the loss of lives, a lack of empathy for the grieving families (“Stuff happens” said Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush), those resistant to regulations and those gullible enough to believe National Rifle Association advertisements bear some responsibility.

We should stop blaming the mentally ill. The vast majority of them (about four million people in our country) are suffering and peaceful citizens. We should stop accusing the angry, the loners, the depressed and even more millions of people who suffer and never hurt anyone.

An enthusiasm for guns and indifference for the pain of others is shared and eagerly adopted by these mass killers.

For the rest of us, the two-thirds of Americans who do not own guns, gun owners should know that we are scared (or, we should be), for us and for our children.

Robert Gossart

Salisbury Cove


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