Rude and sarcastic

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, Nov. 12, the Mount Desert town planning board conducted a site visit to the controversial MacQuinn quarry prior to their last completion review for the application for a license to continue quarrying activities.

The public were informed of this visit and invited to attend, which several members of the Macomber Pines neighborhood did.

We were dismayed when James Collier, supposedly attorney for the town of Mount Desert, once again usurped the leadership of the planning board, taking immediate charge of the meeting. Curiously the planning board allowed him to do this! Again!

It is our understanding that the role of the town attorney is to be present only to respond to legal questions posed by the planning board, or presumably, other residents of the town. Collier clearly does not understand that as he is not a member of the planning board, all of whom are residents of the town, and not a resident of Mount Desert at all, he should speak only to respond to the board’s specific questions. Although we, residents of the town, were immediately told by Collier that we were not permitted to speak, he spoke copiously, posing questions to Paul MacQuinn and Jeff Gammelin which sounded rehearsed and leading.

Furthermore, Collier was extremely rude and sarcastic to several members of our community, a behavior which has occurred at every meeting we have attended.

It seems as though Collier has throughout this process abused his role as the town’s attorney. He seems to be doing a better job as attorney for MacQuinn, but at the town’s expense! He has basically shaped every discussion at these meetings concerning the quarry operation to favor MacQuinn’s position. It is our opinion that Collier should no longer be representing the town of Mount Desert and its residents in this matter. Perhaps MacQuinn might hire him.


Chris Breedlove

C.H. Breedlove

Mount Desert

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