Round Earth

To the Editor:

When I submit a letter for this page, it usually is in response to someone’s earlier letter when that person doesn’t seem to have their facts correct.

In the case of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), I admit to letter writer Crow Suncloud that this is not my normal area for discussion. In fact, I asked in my Oct 29 Islander note for some facts to support the concern against glyphosate mentioned by letter writer Dick Atlee in the earlier document.

And now in Snowcloud’s letter I’m being “called to task,” and branded a member of the “Flat Earth Society.”

But again, there is just a lot of hand-waving and statements telling readers to find your own facts, not presenting any references.

I presented references for my questions in my Oct. 29 letter: Ronald Baily: “The End of Doom,” The World Health Organization, The “Agricultural Outlook” Aug/2000 and “National Academy of Sciences” 2004.

If Suncloud has referenced facts, perhaps more recent than mine, to suggest not using herbicides, Roundup/glyphosate, then lets see them.

Otherwise, I would suggest “Flat Earth becomes “Bare Earth.”

It’s still round.

Tom Rolfes


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