To the Editor:

We wanted to share the following letter which we recently sent to the administration at Mount Desert Island Hospital (MDIH).

As registered nurses who work at MDIH and care for patients of this community and beyond, we want to reiterate our commitment to and desire for a fair contract that will address our concerns. In the past six months, hospital lawyers have refused to come to the table to reach agreement over our key issue of patient safety.

What RNs at MDIH want and continue to expect are safe and appropriate equipment and technology to help care for our patients. Instead, the administration has spent resources fighting their own staff nurses, who have been working without a contract since May. The hospital’s resources should be spent on patient care, not on anti-union activities.

This behavior does not foster a cooperative environment for the staff. In these poor economic times, we are asking you to spend patient-care dollars on patients and respect staff nurses and the community we care for.

Doris Plumer RN

C. Lawson RN

C. Jeannotte RN

Sarah Whalen RN

Monica Theroux

Rebecca Hopkins RN

J.C. Neel RN

Emily O’Connell RN

Karen Zanzura RN

Marianne DiMauro RN

Brittney Burne RN

Vanessa Dalton RN

Brie Abbe RN

Mary Glass RN

Ellen DaCorte RN

Pamela Bourque RN

P. Chattley RN

Mari Knowles RN

Janice Horton RN

Patricia Thurlow RN

Nawal Dekkaki RN

L.M. Beaudoin

Sherri Hall

Gayle Gaynor RNC

Amy Shaw RN

Kristin McKee RN

Carmen Greene

Rebecca Pedrick RN

Denise Keblinsky

Sonia Haynes RN

Lily Sweeney RN

T. Monroe RN

Barb Buza RN

Mary Hopkins RN

D. Walton RN

Debra Dane RN

Cara Pinkham RN

Patricia Zavaleta RN

Bar Harbor

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