To the Editor:

We read with interest a recent letter by a man named Paul Schlein in Arrowsic who wrote to Governor Paul LePage urging him to resign. In response, we have sent the following message to Gov. LePage:

Gov. LePage, we agree with the letter by Paul Schlein of Arrowsic, Maine, in the Bangor Daily News.

Paraphrasing from Schlein’s letter: The reality of this administration is that you are one of the most ineffective governors this state has ever had, and that your confrontational, divisive approach to governing has rendered you incapable of accomplishing anything productive.

Schlein requested the governor’s resignation.

Gov. LePage, please also add our names to requests for your resignation. Please resign.

Rev. David Stillman (retired U.C.C. Minister)

Dotty-Kay Stillman

Hall Quarry

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