Rescind permit

To the Editor:

We are home owners on Western Bay in the direct flight path of planes landing at Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport. They fly no more than a few hundred feet over our home every day.

We are concerned about the proposed oyster farm in Western Bay as it will attract birds. I already have had the experience of being on a plane which sucked up a flock of birds on takeoff, completely disabling one of two engines. That forced an emergency landing.

Airplane collisions with birds are not a hypothetical question to be resolved after the oyster farm is built. We cannot understand the decision of the FAA to allow this permit as it is our understanding that flight safety supersedes the right of an individual to establish an oyster farm. The FAA recognized this when it first advised not to build an oyster farm one mile from the airport.

With all the coastline of Maine, surely there is an appropriate site for the farm which is not on a flight path to an airport.

We encourage the FAA to rescind their permit and put flight safety first.

Richard and Janet Post


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