To The Editor,

I write this as Memorial Day approaches and there are still many of our brave men and women fighting to defend the very foundation on which this country was founded.

We should honor those veterans and their families for their sacrifice to defend our rights and those who cannot defend them for themselves. We as a nation should honor those veterans who have served and fought for this country in the past on this solemn day.

This is not a day for sales, the start of the summer season or picnics; this is a day to honor those who have served, and those still serving in the Armed Forces. I urge everyone who sees a member of our Armed Forces present or past to just say thank you, and say thank you to their families, as they to play a special part. This is a day to honor those who gave a part of their lives to their country and those who gave the ultimate part, their life.

I proudly display my Gold Star license plate to honor those who have served and are serving, and to say I am proud to be the son of a soldier. This is a day for the nation to be grateful to our soldiers both present, past and still missing. We are privileged to live in the greatest nation in the world because of their sacrifice and their families’ sacrifice.

Sean Hall

Son of Lt. Walter Hall MIA

Bar Harbor

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