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To the Editor:

Last month, the Maine GOP introduced an initiative to bring meaningful reform to Maine’s welfare system and to reduce Maine’s personal income tax to 4 percent.

And because the liberal Democrats in the House and Senate keep trying to stop it, we are taking this straight to the people.

Our proposal will stop welfare taxpayer dollars from being abused – no more buying liquor, tobacco, bail, tattoos, airline tickets or wiring money overseas with welfare dollars. That’s correct, right now, welfare abusers can take your tax dollars in the form of welfare and immediately wire the money right out of the country.

Our proposal on taxes is not only long overdue, but it is a carefully crafted proposal that gives every Maine income taxpayer a significant tax cut, and provides a mechanism to get the income tax rate down to zero in the future. It is done gradually and carefully and the existing growth, which already happens, in state revenues will cover it.

But you know who doesn’t like this? Former governor John Baldacci panned our work on WGAN radio in Portland. The liberal welfare lobby doesn’t like it; they want to keep loopholes in welfare and keeping selling these for votes on Election Day.

The Maine Democratic Party certainly doesn’t like it because it allows the Maine people to have a say on what really should happen in Maine.

Our proposal puts additional work requirements in place for nondisabled adults and removes funding for those who are in the United States illegally.

We will be providing our supporters a trove of information in coming days to lay out more of the details of our plan.

But we need your help. We need people to join the effort in collecting signatures from your neighbors and friends.

To qualify for the November 2016 ballot, we need to collect 61,000 signatures.

We already have started. We want you to be on the ground floor of this effort and to know what we are doing to accomplish these goals. Please visit It is a simple process, and any registered Maine voter of any party can sign on.

We already have organizers across the state, but we need every person to pitch in and do their part to make this proposal a reality in November of next year.

We have tremendous confidence in the ability of hard-working Maine people to get the job done. And we are anxious to work together to bring real change to Maine’s welfare and tax policy with this initiative.

Together, we can move Maine toward greater prosperity for everyone and a brighter future for our great state.

Rick Bennett


Maine Republican Party


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