Re-elect Hubbell

To the Editor:

Brian Hubbell is seeking re-election to be our State Representative in Bar Harbor, Mount Desert and Lamoine. There are clear differences between Brian and his opponent. We will be served far better by reelecting Hubbell.

Brian had done a superb job in his first term. His thoughtfulness, work ethic, intelligence and his ability to listen and communicate respectfully not only with those with whom he agrees, but also with those with whom he doesn’t, are exceptional.

He has a forthright manner of explaining in detail clearly why he is taking a vote or position on an issue. He always encourages conversation to the contrary. We urge you to take a look at

As a member of the legislature’s education committee, Brian has become a leading voice for strong, fairly funded, accountable public schools. He knows for a fact that the argument of many, including his opponent, that our schools are failing, is false. He believes that our wisest investments are in the education of our citizens in publicly funded and locally, publicly controlled schools. While in only his first term, he has been chosen to chair the state legislative commission on school funding, a big challenge if ever there was one.

Brian’s efforts at constituent service are impressive. While some are using recipients of public assistance as political scapegoats, you will find Brian on the phone trying to figure out why a critically ill senior has been cut off from food assistance. He recognizes that the vast majority of Mainers are hard working. Those in need are most often seeking a hand up, not a hand out.

Brian supports the expansion of Medicaid eligibility not only for the benefits it would provide many of our working-poor fellow citizens, but also to help offset the millions in unpaid care that Mount Desert Island Hospital and Maine Coast Hospital provide annually. His challenger suggests instead that the hospital start a “free clinic” of some sort.

Brian supports the provision of targeted, forward-thinking economic development. He has worked hard to help secure a spot on the November ballot for two bond issues that would, if both pass, provide a total of $13 million dollars in infrastructure and program development at Jackson Lab and the MDI Biological Lab.

With regard to tourism and other economic development potential, Brian continues to work hard to secure the Bar Harbor ferry terminal for the town of Bar Harbor.

We need a well-informed, capable representative in Augusta who envisions a positive way forward for our communities. The candidate who fits that bill is Brian Hubbell.

Gail Marshall

Mount Desert

Paul Murphy

Bar Harbor


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