Ranked choice

To the Editor:

I had the pleasure of recently attending a community forum in Bar Harbor on ranked-choice voting. I was impressed to see how the excitement and momentum has grown for this movement. I think it is incumbent on Mainers to step up and take their case for ranked-choice voting directly to their fellow voters.

I think ranked-choice voting would be a much needed improvement to our current system. When multiple candidates run for office, vote splitting often occurs, meaning that no candidate will achieve a real majority of support. Ranked-choice voting resolves this problem and gives us a better way of expressing what the people really want.

Making this change in the way we vote will facilitate greater participation in the election process. Ranked-choice voting will ultimately return power to voters by giving them stronger voices and more power to ensure the election of majority-supported elected officials.

Anne Stebbins Funderburk

Seal Harbor

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