Radical terrorism

To the Editor:

The thoughts and prayers of the first lady and I are with the people of France as they mourn those killed in Friday’s despicable terrorist attack in Paris. As Franco-Americans, we say with a special conviction, “nous n’oublierons jamais” – “we will never forget.”

We now know that not only has ISIS claimed credit for this attack, but at least one of the attackers was a Syrian refugee.

We also know that President Barack Obama has vowed to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States, despite his own FBI director testifying to Congress last month that the federal government is unable to conduct background checks on them.

To bring Syrian refugees into our country without knowing who they are is to invite an attack on American soil just like the one we saw in Paris last week and in New York City on 9/11. That is why I adamantly oppose any attempt by the federal government to place Syrian refugees in Maine and will take every lawful measure in my power to prevent it from happening.

The safety of Maine citizens comes first, and it is about time the United States and Europe wake up to the nature of the threat against us in the form of radical terrorism.

Governor Paul LePage


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