To the Editor:

While any citizen can sue his own town, you have to wonder if there are more positive ways in a small community to work out differences.

The Warrant Committee studies land use proposals and the entire town budget, making recommendations that appear on the ballot for citizen vote. Committee members are elected, not appointed.

Three of the 22 persons nominated to the Warrant Committee at the June 2 Town Meeting had circulated a petition that resulted in a lawsuit against Bar Harbor. The community has a right to know that happened. The heartfelt protest against three nominees provides an opportunity to ponder several questions.

Is it proper for a Warrant Committee member to participate in activities that result in lawsuits against the town it is tasked to serve?

Would the committee be better represented by three citizens who want to see constructive progress in Bar Harbor?

An obstructionist attitude will not move us forward. The only way for Bar Harbor town staff and committees to work in an environment of civility on the LUO improvements, mandated by the Bar Harbor Comprehensive Plan, is for the name calling, the eye rolling, the document slamming and the lawsuits to cease.

Sherry Rasmussen

Bar Harbor

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