Questionable boost

To the Editor:

Presidential wannabe New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s recent visit to Maine to support Governor Paul LePage and win his endorsement might be seen by many as an unconvincing effort to boost public regard for Maine’s governor, who in recent months has been mired in controversy and calls for impeachment.

Christie likes to think of himself as one with a brash, no-nonsense style. He would have us believe he has energized New Jersey’s economy, is a great supporter of education, teachers and public employees and gets things done for the people who elected him.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Christie’s style in dealing with the public is often rude, hectoring and uncivil. New Jersey’s economy is sagging, and the people he claims he has served well gave him a 30 percent approval rating in recent polls. Teachers at Livingston High School, his alma mater, picketed his candidacy announcement event.

As with most Republicans, his policies in New Jersey have tended to favor the rich and big business, with little regard for the unemployed, poor, sick and disadvantaged.

It is hard to see how Christie’s endorsement could add to LePage’s stature.

Gene Clifford

Mount Desert

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