Public spirited

To the Editor:

Emera Maine late last month formally agreed to surrender its building permit for a substation on Woodbury Road and fully committed to building a substation on Prospect Avenue in Bar Harbor.

With that legal commitment in place, Emera Maine and Don and Pat Murphy mutually agreed to dismiss with prejudice the pending appeal before the Maine Supreme Court challenging the issuance of a building permit for the Woodbury substation.

Both the Murphys and Emera Maine deserve the praise of Bar Harbor’s citizens. The Murphys, at considerable expense, undertook a challenge that was of far greater benefit to the immediate neighbors of the planned substation than it was to them. They put the interests of the neighborhood first and their own interests second. Such public-spirited commitments happen too infrequently in our busy modern world.

Emera Maine chose to listen, to reconsider, and to recommit to a substation of which all of Bar Harbor can be proud. They, too, deserve our praise.

Finally, the cooperative way that the Substation Advisory Committee worked over the nine months that led to the Prospect Avenue choice should be a model for how town government should work.

Arthur Greif

Bar Harbor

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