Problem persists

To the Editor:

This paper couldn’t have said it better than last week’s lead headline: “Deer hunt shot down.”

I know that a lot of people in town must be relieved, but I think it is very important to remember that a lot of people might not be.

I wish the margin had been a good deal wider, but elections never seem to go down that way anymore.

This solution was presented as a way to address problems associated with deer. The problems still exist. We’ve only succeeded in deciding by a slim margin not to implement this solution at this time. If we do nothing to address the problems with alternative solutions, this vote will have to happen again. I predict that just short of half the voters at that time will be disappointed, too.

What to do next. Free deer fencing for those who can’t afford it? A newly determined fight to find a cure for Lyme disease? Lower speed limits in town to 15 mph? I don’t claim to have the solution. But I do know that Bar Harbor has way too many gardens, shrubs and roads to qualify as a wildlife sanctuary.

Acadia National Park is something of a wildlife sanctuary, and you will notice that that works well because nobody lives there. We all have to live in Bar Harbor instead, and there are problems with deer in town that still need to be addressed.

J. Clark Stivers

Bar Harbor

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