Price of liberty

To the Editor:

Last week’s Islander featured many pro/con Letters to the Editor and an op-ed essay regarding the politicizing of the 4th of July, and the desire of a visitor from “away” to relax and enjoy “life the way it should be” on this island paradise, protest free.

It wasn’t that the visitor disagreed with the rights or intentions of the protesters. She was just wishing for a respite from politics and protests in a much-beloved setting.

All positions presented missed the fundamental point of the 4th of July — a celebration of our independence from the overbearing and overtaxing rule of King George III.

Without our forefather resistors, starting with the sons (and daughters) of liberty and familiar revolutionary leaders like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and all the signers of the Declaration of Independence from what had been the 13 colonies of Great Britain, there would be no 4th of July.

That resistance started in 1765 — eleven long and arduous years of bloody revolution that did not include fireworks, hot dogs on the ballfield or a single decorative float. Surely, a few occasional days of protest, albeit on floats and at gatherings in a public town square, are a small price to pay for such hard-won liberty.

Elena Scotti

Southwest Harbor

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