Point of disorder

To the Editor:

This is in response to a letter to the editor by Ivan Rasmussen, Bar Harbor Planning Board chairman, which appeared in the Islander on May 21.

Rasmussen’s letter addressed a statement that I made regarding the revised Land Use Ordinance Repeal and Replacement proposal (hereafter referred to as the “revised LUO”). In my previous letter, it was pointed out that the revised LUO “would allow construction of electric power substations in almost any residential area in Bar Harbor, including densely populated family neighborhoods.” This is a statement of fact and was not disputed.

Rasmussen wrote “The (revised) LUO does not increase or decrease the number of zones that allow for utility installations.” This statement is correct up to a point, in that power line hook ups and the like are allowed in all zones under both current and revised LUO versions. However, his statement is irrelevant with respect to building an electric power substation.

What Rasmussen neglected to mention is that “Public Utility Installation” is listed as an “Allowed Activity” but not as an “Allowed Use” in a number of zones in the current LUO. In these zones, substations cannot be built. This is a significant omission

The revised LUO clearly increases the number of zones in which electric power stations can be built.

Electric power stations do not belong in family neighborhoods. On June 9, I urge voters to reject the revised LUO proposal (Article 2). I urge “yes” votes on the two citizen initiatives articles three and four. They will ensure protection of the quality of life and well-being of our citizens and families.

Don Murphy

Bar Harbor

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