Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: Cursive counterpoint

    To the Editor: Proponents of cursive handwriting, as a rule, either do not know or do not care whether their quoted sources inaccurately reflect the research. For example, in a letter published in last week’s Islander, state Rep. Heidi Sampson bases many of her statements about handwriting on the words of William Klemm, a specialist

  • Letter to Editor: In defense of cursive

    To the Editor: Why has cursive writing been relegated to the trash heap of outdated, insignificant and inconsequential practices? Could we have tossed out a critical link to effective and productive learning for our children? Have we been duped into eliminating a practice whereby our children would be allowed to fully develop their brains? Can

  • Letter to Editor: Humor can be harmful

    To the Editor: As a supporter of the arts in Bar Harbor, I was excited to hear that local theater was being produced in our town when I saw advertising for “The Summoning of the Flamingo of Love,” at the Criterion Theater Feb. 8 and 9. This was the second recent production of the work,

  • Letter to Editor: Legacy and legend

    To the Editor: As I write this, I am sitting in the Higgins-Demas theater rehearsing another musical, this time for Acadia Community Theater. I can’t help but think of Mr. Demas and Ms. Higgins. I had the pleasure of being a student of Ms. Higgins, but I never got the chance to work onstage with

  • Letter to Editor: Gifts last a lifetime

    To the Editor: Last week, our community lost someone special: George Demas. From the earliest days of MDI High School until his retirement, Mr. Demas, with the help of Joyce Higgins, was the force behind MDIHS’s theater program, a program that not only achieved a consistent series of wonderful productions, year after year, but also

  • To the Editor: Grateful campers

    To the Editor: George B. Dorr sold a slice of land along Echo Lake to the Appalachian Mountain Club for $1. Two weeks ago, I and others sent around emails to regular campers at the AMC’s Echo Lake Camp to donate if possible to MDI food pantries. If the park didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be

  • Letter to Editor: Security fears

    To the Editor: As a former Navy enlisted man and an officer I am concerned with the threat to national security posed by President Trump. His attacks on our intelligence agencies and cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin are un-American. Recently, Trump dismissed the input of his intelligence chiefs about the threats posed by Russia, China,

  • Letter to Editor: Teaching complexity

    To the Editor: Thank you to columnist Jill Goldthwait for mentioning the proposed public school book ban now before the legislature. It is bad enough that many text books used across the nation are racist, revisionist histories and anti-science screeds dictated by small minds on big state school boards. We need not jump on the

  • To the Editor: Checks and balances

    As an abutter, I have been following the planning board proceedings regarding the Acadia Apartments on West Street Extension. My question to anyone: is there an appeal process? Multiple letters to the editor and Mount Desert Islander articles have documented multiple examples of disregard for LUO criteria, comments from lawyers, comments from engineers, public comments,

  • Letter to Editor: Free the fish

    Profits vs. ecology. Since Leonard Lake’s Ellsworth dam was built in 1907, 112 years have passed. Brookfield Renewable/Black Bear Hydro states there was a saw mill at the present Leonard Lake dam site in 1767. That’s 252 years. So when and how are the fish, salmon, alewives, blue back herring, shad, short nosed sturgeon and