Letters to the editor

  • Poliquin leads

    To the Editor: As politicians continue to divide along party lines, Congressman Bruce Poliquin leads by reaching across to the aisle to work with Democrats. Rep. Poliquin has been working alongside fellow Maine Rep. Pingree, a Democrat, to be able to better serve the people of Maine. Bruce has helped reduce regulations and unnecessary costs

  • Across the aisle

    To the Editor: Across the nation it has become evident that access to quality medical treatment can often mean the difference between life and death for Americans with disease. The unfortunate reality is that rising healthcare costs mean many Mainers are left to choose between necessities like heat and food and covering their medical bills.

  • A quality candidate

    To the Editor: As many folks know, Nicole Grohoski has launched her campaign to serve Ellsworth and Trenton in the Maine House of Representatives. When you meet Nicole as she goes door-to-door to talk to voters, you will find a talented, enthusiastic, hard-working candidate. Nicole is equipped with common sense and an infectious, positive can-do

  • Raise fees, not taxes

    To the Editor: Why hasn’t town council implemented the new $2 per passenger infrastructure fee recommended by Bermello Ajamil consultants? This one new fee could generate $400,000 to $500,000 per year in new revenues. Looking at the 232,192 cruise ship passengers expected this season, a $2 per passenger fee would bring in $464,384 in new

  • Support for Hayes

    To the Editor: How will you vote in November’s gubernatorial election? Will you vote not-Democrat or not-Republican? Will you vote not-LePage? Will you vote Republican or Democrat because your parents always did and you always have, no matter what? I would like to suggest that we vote for the person who believes in problem solving

  • Don’t rush big decision

    To the Editor: The people of Bar Harbor will soon own a valuable piece of the waterfront in their town. It’s important for the town council to take adequate time to make the best decision about the future of the land we are purchasing. And the time spent in choosing should include a process in

  • Excellent care

    To the Editor: Three times on our visits to Bar Harbor, my wife or I have had to visit the emergency room, most recently a couple of weeks ago. This time, Physician Assistant Jane Reinoso and her colleagues patched me up. A staffer called after we returned home to follow up. On all three visits

  • Concern about Kavanaugh

    To the Editor: Sen. Susan Collins recently said that the number of contacts from constituents — phone calls, emails, letters — regarding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court does not approach the level of concern expressed during the health-care debate. I’d like to assure Sen. Collins that her constituents are

  • Look at all options

    To the Editor: The Islander’s July 26 editorial, “Too much of a good thing,” is premised on the notion that the town should not suffer from too much openness and too much democracy. It claims that the Ferry Terminal Property Advisory Committee (FTPAC) should cease to serve any function even though the town continues to

  • Truth and the media

    To the Editor: A letter to the editor last week stated that the Islander’s printing of certain letters to the editor about the administration’s immigration policy was “neglecting your mission to inform accurately.” The writer asserted such letters should not be “allowed.” Sadly, life is not often so black and white as fact vs. fiction,