Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: Support for caregivers

    To the Editor: Caregiving is a labor of love. You take care of your loved one’s personal needs, you are their safety officer, their advocate. My wife Deb was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011. Deb used to read two books a week. That went away. She started having cognitive problems. Her condition continued to

  • Letter to Editor: Insisting on better

    To the Editor: I was privileged to spend a 39-year career in a business that had at its heart a core principle of dealing based upon the greatest degree of faith between the parties. Unless you have either studied or otherwise been part of the insurance business, the term “utmost good faith” may sound more

  • Letter to Editor: Kudos to the students

    To the Editor: Southwest Harbor is one of Maine’s first towns to ban single-use plastic bags, thanks to the students at Pemetic Elementary School. Our town and our world are better off for this lasting change in our collective habits of consumption. Making change in the world is not new to our school. Pemetic’s students

  • Letter to Editor: Vets in need

    To the Editor: Just after 5 o’clock on the morning of Nov. 11, 1918, British, French and German officials gathered in a railway car just north of Paris and signed a document that would in effect bring to an end World War I. The war to end all wars was finally over; and yet it

  • Democracy doing fine

    To the Editor: I was dismayed to read Bob Chaplin’s political commentary last week. Chaplin, a seasoned and respected educator, would do well to recall that the Alien and Sedition Act, secession, and FDR’s court-packing scheme all posed a greater threat to American democracy than President Trump supposedly does now. Trump poses a threat if

  • Struck a chord

    To the Editor: The Community Forum piece “Don’t Thank Me for My Service” in last week’s Islander so reminded me of my late husband’s experience in Korea. He too was on the front lines, and saw so many he knew well be blown up, shot, or gruesomely killed while not getting even a physical scratch

  • Campaign promises

    To the Editor: On behalf of the 230,000 AARP members in our state, AARP Maine congratulates Maine’s governor-elect, the Senators and Representatives who will serve in the 129th state legislature and Maine’s federal elected officials who will represent us in Washington in 2019. While Maine has a strong record of voter turnout, this year’s mid-term

  • Job well done

    To the Editor: The Acadia Family Center Board of Directors expresses its appreciation to Daniel Johnson, Ph.D. for his exceptional service to the Acadia Family Center (AFC) and the entire Mount Desert Island community. Since February 2014, Dan has led our organization as Executive Director in becoming a treatment sanctuary for the MDI community. The

  • A message of support

    To the Editor: The members of the Conners Emerson Civil Rights Team are disappointed and sad about the recent events at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is never okay to use violence against people of any belief or religion. It’s never okay to hurt or kill any person because everyone has