Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: Caution urged on ferry lease

    To the Editor: We expect a lot of our town councilors, but we should not expect them to have the skills of a corporate lawyer. Thus, the councilors had understandable difficulty in analyzing the lease that Bay Ferries has proposed for signature by Atlantic Fleet Services (“Atlantic”) and the town. When one councilor asked Bay

  • Letter to Editor: Doing the work

    I think that when Susan Collins looks in the mirror, she sees Margaret Chase Smith, Sigmund Freud, and Mother Theresa, so sure is she of her superior ethics, insight, and virtue. The rest of us see Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, and P. T. Barnum. It is not enough lament or disdain Sen. Collins’ toxic antics.

  • Letter to Editor: Consider women

    To the Editor: If Sen. Susan Collins votes to confirm Mr. Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, she will be acting against the health and welfare of about one half of our nation’s citizens, namely, women! Banning access to any abortion, even to save the life of the mother or in cases of pregnancies resulting

  • Letter to Editor: Swamp is not draining

    To the Editor: After watching the “hearing” for Brett Kavanaugh, and listening to our senator, Susan Collins, remain undecided, I was amazed. Here is a lawmaker representing the people of Maine who is kowtowing to a few feminists who seem to be clueless as to what truth is. While men as a whole have fallen

  • Letter to Editor: Let Mueller probe proceed

    Why is President Trump afraid of the Mueller investigation? Is Trump guilty of obstruction of justice, or collusion with the Russians in the presidential election, or guilty of some other crime that Mueller is investigating? President Trump continues to bash Mueller’s investigation via Twitter and Trump continues to refer to the investigation as a “witch

  • Letter to Editor: Shipping infrastructure

    To the Editor: When I became Governor, Maine DOT Commissioner Dave Bernhardt laid out an ambitious vision for the International Marine Terminal (IMT). Our administration secured investments that would transform the IMT back into a bustling, multi-modal freight facility. By 2013, federal, state and private investments in the port led to Eimskip’s decision to make

  • Letter to Editor: Distorted memory?

    To the Editor: I am a retired lawyer who has argued 21 cases before the United States Supreme Court. As a registered independent I have a vital but nonpolitical interest in the competence and integrity of anyone nominated to serve on the court. I watched with great interest the testimony of Dr. Ford and Judge

  • Letter to Editor: Spoiler alert

    To the Editor: Voters in Maine can be very proud of the fact that despite the actions of Republicans in the Maine House and Senate who disregarded several of our votes which became law in 2016, we now can use a fairer and more democratic way to vote for the people who work for us

  • Letter to Editor: Helmets save lives

    To the Editor: Friday Sept. 21 was a beautiful early autumn morning here on MDI. A young man decided it was a perfect day to ride his motorcycle the three miles from his home in Town Hill to his workplace on Norway Drive. Halfway through this short trip a large buck jumped in his path

  • Letter to Editor: Humane treatment?

    To the Editor: The article “‘Hotbox’ lobsters tested” in the Sept. 13 Islander brings new meaning to the term “lobster pot.” Roscoe the guinea pig lobster was drugged with marijuana vapor with permanent effect and then returned to the ocean disinclined to use his claws in self-defense? Wonder how long he lasted? So much for