Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: Concerned neighbors

    To the Editor: It was a sad day for long-term affordable housing on the island when Ocean Properties’ subsidiary, BHAPTS, LLC, bought Acadia Apartments at 25 West Street Extension and evicted every one of the lower-income housing tenants who were living there. In their place, Ocean Properties moved in non-resident seasonal workers, and the buildings

  • Letter to editor: In praise of real news

    There are a myriad of problems emanating from the White House. They have been covered by the true media, but many wish to ignore the news coverage and to believe fake news. I want to praise the news media. Without the coverage, we would not know about issues such as the closeness of this administration

  • To the Editor: Raw deal

    We (Maine people) have been on our backs and received the short end of the stick since King George III ordered our majestic trees marked with his “broad arrow.” The smart Canadians have been taking our spruce, birches, maple, ash and even cedar since the 1990s, adding all the value inside Quebec and New Brunswick

  • Letter to Editor: False impression

    To the Editor: I recently received my monthly AARP magazine that included a lengthy article about the health of Social Security. As is always the case with AARP, and our politicians, they make reference to the “trust fund” being able to carry the extra load of baby boomer retirements until 2034 without any changes. Of

  • Letter to Editor: Personal tragedy

    To the Editor: I wrote and sent the following letter this week to Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Angus King and Rep. Jared Golden. “A month has passed since the horrific shooting at Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California. Have you forgotten already? I hope not because my cousin Telemachus Orfanos died there. He

  • Letter to Editor: Puppet politicians

    To the Editor: President Trump declared “almost a complete victory” after learning of the results of the midterm elections. However, this is another fabrication used to bolster his ego and security. This is no victory because the Democrats took control of the U.S. House of Representatives and won the governorships of the key states of

  • Letter to Editor: Civic vision

    To the Editor: It is wonderful to see the great civic vision of the Bar Harbor Historical Society and the Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association in their efforts to obtain La Rochelle (currently the Maine Seacoast Mission’s Colket Center) as a headquarters for the Historical Society and in building the welcoming DeGregorie Park entrance into

  • Viewpoint: Recount was a positive experience

    I periodically despair of politics and, if not despair, I become frustrated. Not necessarily because so many voters cast their votes for candidates that I don’t support, but rather, that so many folks do not vote at all, or vote only for the “top of the ticket,” that being president or governor or senator. Yet

  • Letter to Editor: Voter confidence

    To the Editor: Political irony is on full display in Maine. The staple of many a politician, hypocrisy has now been foisted upon the voting process. Ranked choice voting, toddling mere months into its infancy, was found unconstitutional by the state Supreme Court for use in state elections, has now mired the state into the