Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: Above and beyond

    To the Editor: I had the misfortune to suffer an auto breakdown last Tuesday on Eagle Lake Road. “Thank goodness for cell phones,” I thought as I confidently pulled my cell phone out of my pocket! I should have known better as I wasn’t lucky enough to have broken down in one of the three

  • Letter to Editor: Diversity of opinion

    To the Editor: As a loyal Islander reader, I was saddened and dismayed to read the inaccurate and personal attack on our fine, community-oriented, Bar Harbor Warrant Committee in the Islander’s anonymous July 4 editorial. First, the Warrant Committee is not divided into subcommittees because the Warrant Committee is too large. The Warrant Committee is

  • Viewpoint; Big-government opponents can’t have it both ways

    By John Buell   While President Donald Trump’s xenophobic and misogynist agenda, thankfully often blocked by the courts, has received the lion’s share of attention, his henchmen have enacted a series of game-changing initiatives in federal regulation. Deregulating such domestic concerns as transportation, occupational health and safety and the environment is hardly new. From Jimmy

  • Letter to Editor: Parking frustration

    To the Editor: Greetings Bar Harbor, Cruise Ship Capital of the World! It’s quite obvious from all that you have done and are doing that you have little patience or tolerance for those that really stay in town. You know, the vacation people. The ones who support the stores and restaurants. You are only interested

  • Letter to Editor: School solar

    To the Editor: Trenton town meeting has come and gone. At that meeting the tax payers gave the Trenton school board more money then they requested, in order to keep taxes down in the future. For the last two school years, I have been working to reduce taxpayer dollars. My approach was through solar energy.

  • Letter to Editor: Election system still vulnerable

    To the Editor: Imagine the owners of a mutual banking association met to elect a new board of directors and president of the association. They selected a president who demonstrated outstanding success in financial matters, easily eclipsing any member of the new board of directors. The relationship between the new president and the new board

  • Letter to Editor: Rules need sound science

    To the Editor: On June 20, I tried to pass an amendment through the House to freeze new regulations on Maine lobstermen. The regulations, intended to prevent entanglements in lobster gear by right whales, were created using an unproven National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data tool that relied on old data, faulty assumptions, and

  • Letter to Editor: Ridiculous requirement

    To the Editor: We read with great interest Dick Broom’s article appearing on Thursday, June 13 in the Islander which we read regularly. It is a travesty that good people like Ben Emory are actually discouraged from serving by being subjected to onerous financial disclosure requirements that are not applicable or simply ignored by employees

  • Letter to Editor: Don’t call it a trust fund

    To the Editor: Rather than run for Congress myself, I have decided to offer Sens. Collins and King some advice for addressing the Social Security and Medicare crises that have been allowed to overtake the country like an untreated cancer. Social Security and Medicare were designed as, and still are, pay-as-you-go systems. The withholding taxes

  • Letter to Editor: Rewrite laws, not history

    To the Editor: I agree with Andy Torbett’s admonition, in a letter in last week’s Islander, that as “much of our history has been largely rewritten, digging deep into history is necessary.” And in that spirit, I would like to look at the history of the NRA and of gun control in the USA. The