Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: Drastic change

    To the Editor: One month later our town is experiencing another crisis, created by a few town officials, set to drastically affect all of the citizens of Bar Harbor and the entire island. First the vacation rental moratorium, and now the parking restrictions. And all done just weeks before our tourist season gets into full

  • Letter to Editor: School days remembered

    To the Editor: In the news story by Becky Pritchard in the April 18 edition of the Islander regarding the need for remodeling or replacement of the Conners Emerson School in Bar Harbor, I would like to correct something. Principal Barbara Neilly was quoted as saying that the Conners building was 85 years old. I

  • Letter to Editor: Support in a scary time

    To the Editor: On April 21, 2019, the Mount Desert Island High School Guatemala Studies program was headed home from our two week mission trip. We were all extremely excited to see the families and friends awaiting our arrival. On the connecting flight from Florida to Boston, I was writing a small reflection on the

  • Letter to Editor: No question

    To the Editor: I would like an opportunity to reply to the “No Deal” letter in the April 11 edition of the Islander which describes my Feb. 28 letter supporting the Green New Deal as “screaming ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theatre.” I’m not the one sounding the alarm about the necessity to make massive greenhouse

  • Letter to Editor: Bike racks needed

    To the Editor: I have been reading about the new parking plan in Bar Harbor and its goal seems to be discouraging car traffic in town. This presumably means that they want to encourage biking and walking. If that’s the case, what I don’t understand is the lack of quality bike racks provided by the

  • Letter to Editor: March thanks

    To the Editor: Thank you to everyone who braved the weather last Saturday to gather at the Downeast Climate March on the Bar Harbor Village Green and stand together to demand action in combating climate change. We marched, listened and committed to make a change in our lives to do our part. We hope this

  • Letter to Editor: Parking plan a money grab

    I live at 59 Ledgelawn and the way I read the parking plan my street, as all streets in downtown Bar Harbor, is permit parking only (except for metered spaces). This may or may not be enforced from May 15 (this year, May 1 subsequent years) till Halloween. Anybody coming to visit me who doesn’t

  • Letter to Editor: Keeping the roads clean

    We would like to thank all of the steadfast volunteers who participated in Friends of Acadia’s 20th annual Earth Day Roadside Cleanup. Inspired by the love for their communities, 185 volunteers came out to clean up our state roads on a morning that began with driving rain and roaring winds. Scouring ditches and roadsides picking

  • Letter to Editor: Vaccine debate is oversimplified

    By the time you read this, the state Senate will have either passed or killed LD798, the vaccine mandate bill. This bill, like its sudden rush of cousins in other states, is said to be protecting school children from disease. It proposes to do this by achieving “herd immunity” through vaccinating more than the magic