Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: Border wall and the environment

    To the Editor: This is not about immigration. Trump wants $5 billion in taxpayer money to begin border wall construction in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas — home to five fragile and essential wildlife sanctuaries. The fight over that money sent federal workers home for the holidays with no pay. This is not about

  • Letter to Editor: Listening to our youth

    To the Editor: Last year, A Climate to Thrive brought Shaw Center researcher Madelyn Woods to Southwest Harbor to present the results of their research on microplastics in Blue Hill Bay. I was sickened to learn that every sample they took off our beautiful shores, and every mussel they dissected, contained small pieces of plastic,

  • Letter to Editor: Selfish development

    To the Editor: What do the people of Bar Harbor want their future town to be? Will it continue becoming a modern-day Coney Island or Old Orchard Beach, or will the planning board decide, instead, to encourage the town to become a pleasing, livable village, filled with beauty, character and people who are committed to

  • To the Editor: 2018 a success

    To the Editor: As the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce puts 2018 to bed, we enjoy taking this opportunity to look back at the past year. Time certainly felt like it flew by! From the chamber’s perspective, it was a very successful year, and we know one of the biggest reasons for that success is

  • To the Editor: Plastic bag ordinance

    Together we are a group of concerned Bar Harbor citizens who have brought to the town council two ordinances that will restrict the distribution of single-use plastic bags and polystyrene containers in our town. In cooperation with other concerned citizens from Mount Desert, Tremont and Southwest Harbor, we have reinforced the efforts of four students

  • Letter to Editor: Housing crunch self-inflicted

    I thank your paper for its Dec. 13, 2018 article “Apartment project debated.” This article reports on some of the concerns about the four new two-story seasonal worker buildings (not merely two additional dwelling units) which are proposed to be added to the already-existing four seasonal worker buildings and jammed onto a less-than-two-acre lot at

  • To the Editor: Sadness into joy

    To the Editor: I have just passed the 20th anniversary of my son Mark Woolman Horner’s death by gunshot wounds. He was shot in the doorway to his home by an unknown assailant who packed two guns. One shot was a glancing blow. Either one of the other two shots was lethal according to the

  • To the Editor: Christmas children

    To the Editor: Jakelin Caal Maquin, age 7, died on Dec. 8 while being detained by our Border Patrol. We failed her, her family and friends, and the thousands of others fleeing violence, severe poverty and corruption in their home countries. Why are thousands and thousands of people, many with small children, walking for weeks,

  • Letter to Editor: A welcome decision

    To the Editor: Well, thanks to Federal Judge Lance E. Walker, I learned a new word: conclusory. It refers to assertions for which no supporting evidence is offered. It is how the judge referred to expert witness testimony in the attempt by lame duck Rep. Bruce Poliquin to overturn our ranked choice vote. Judge Walker