Letters to the editor

  • To the Editor: Support OVR 

    To the Editor:  My parents drilled into us that the privilege of American citizenship comes with the duty to vote. Mom always said, “If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.” There’s a bill in the Maine legislature now – LD 1126 – to start Online Voter Registration (OVR) here. Here’s why I support that.  The current system

  • To the Editor: Successful formula 

    To the Editor:  It is vitally important that all of us here on Mount Desert Island continue to follow the successful formula that has kept our community relatively safe over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic: wear a mask, wash our hands and watch our distance. By following these basic guidelines, our businesses have largely been

  • To the Editor: COVID concerns 

    To the Editor:  There is a lot of misinformation circulating in the community and online about COVID-19 and its vaccines. As a local science educator, I’d like to take the time to address a few of these here.   One common misconception is that children or younger healthy adults are not at risk from COVID-19. It is true that children fare better than adults. It is also

  • To the Editor: Worrisome future 

    To the Editor:  On March 16, I watched American Aquafarms present to the Bar Harbor Town Council their proposal for salmon farming in Frenchman Bay. Rather than convincing me to support the project, the company’s explanations conjured up a worrisome future.   It’s a lovely day for sailing, and I’m tacking south from Sorrento Harbor toward Bald Rock. The ledge usually stands out against Mount Desert Island but today all I see are bright-colored buoys, a large boat, what looks

  • To the Editor: H.R. 1 

    To the Editor: Dear Congressman Golden, I write today to thank you for your vote on H.R. 1, For the People Act of 2021.  For me, I agree with Senator Warnock (D-Georgia), when he said in his first Senate floor speech, “The right to vote is preservative of all other rights. It is not just another

  • To the Editor: A move that can’t wait 

    To the Editor:  In 2020, a total of 502 Mainers died from overdoses.  While an effective vaccine may have the ability to turn around the COVID-19 pandemic, no such vaccine exists for substance use disorder (SUD), one of the most pervasive and stigmatized public health issues facing our state and nation. Five hundred and two represents a 25 percent increase over

  • To the Editor: State flag needs a makeover 

    To the Editor:  Maine should change the flag back to the original flag from 1901. Our flag has had many changes since Maine became independent. At first, it was just a green pine tree and a blue star against a white background. Now the flag has a moose, a blue background, our logo, a yellow star and two farmers.

  • To the Editor: Deeply disappointed  

    To the Editor:  Also, Dear Congressman Golden, I am deeply disappointed with your vote on H.R. 1319 – American Rescue Plan Act. What you and Congress have funded in the past has no bearing on this bill. This bill ensures continuation of programs and their funding and augments what has been done in other bills. For me, this act attempts to

  • To the Editor: Reconsider your plans 

    To the Editor:  As a resident of Southwest Harbor and one who has used the Island Explorer service, I find it sad that this year there won’t be any runs to Southwest Harbor/Tremont or Northeast Harbor.  While I understand that we still will be under COVID-19 conditions, I see no reason that all service to Southwest Harbor/Tremont and Northeast Harbor must be canceled or eliminated. Even

  • To the Editor: Cats 

    To the Editor:  I love cats. When I was a boy in the 1950s, we cared for half a dozen barn cats on our family farm and I squirted milk into their open mouths straight from the cow. The SPCA of Hancock County’s care of rescued cats from Georgia (Feb. 25) is admirable. But consider

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