Letters to the editor

  • Letter to the Editor: Time for a woman president

    To the Editor: Congratulations to Terry Stanley for his column “Power to the Women” in the January 30 issue. Not only does he point out many still-existing inequities, but his opening “Behind every successful man, there is a woman who could be more successful if only the man would get out of the way” was

  • Letter to the Editor: Thank you

    To the Editor: On January 16 I was able to walk away with minor bruising from an accident that occurred on Tremont Road. Much of this is due to a good neighbor’s action and the rapid response from members of the various emergency response teams. I cannot truly express my appreciation to those who came

  • Letter to the Editor: All sides should be recognized

    To the Editor: I read Katrina Linscott’s Viewpoint piece in the Jan. 23 edition. I respect her willingness to provide some support for keeping 12-14-year-old teens “down on the farm” as long as possible. I taught in Bar Harbor for 25 years, and often worked in Augusta for the Maine Department of Education on various

  • Letter to the Editor: Single-stream recycling works

    To the Editor: As someone who has carefully separated recyclables from trash for quite a while, my town’s recent change to a single stream system made me uneasy. A mechanized system of sorting trash? How would that work? As I understood it, the Coastal Resources of Maine (Fiberight) company had combined elements of methods, used

  • Letter to the editor: A pattern of discrimination

    To the Editor: In defending Donald Trump from accusations of racial discrimination, Richard Montalbano wrote (“Look for the Good,” Jan. 16) “in a building he owned, once he was made aware of it, he fired the building manager and made it right.” No big deal. Right? Not quite. For the record, when the Department of

  • Letter to the editor: RCV upends politics as usual

    To the Editor: Re: As Maine Goes, the editorial on Jan. 16, while outright political promoting is no new thing to see in editorials, your promoting of Gideon/Collins is exceptionally so. This may be just a case of politics as usual, but it is wrongly eclipsing of the other viable candidates from mention. Why? For

  • Letter to the editor: Legalization provides protections

    To the Editor: Ms. Goldthwait believes that cannabis’ lack of harm justifies her position that the substance should not be legalized (“State of Maine: State should rethink marijuana and vaping,” January 16). But just the opposite is true. It is precisely because cannabis may pose potential risks to certain consumers, or when it is consumed