Letters to the editor

  • To the Editor: So much more 

    To the Editor:  I’m writing this letter to increase awareness to the community about the Mount Desert Nursing Association. It’s easy to think that MDNA only offers the usual home care services that some of our other wonderful local nursing outfits, such as Cahoun Care and Homecare for ME, bring to our island. MDNA however,

  • To the Editor: Wider perspective 

    To the Editor:  While Mr. Sidman is to be thanked for his initiative and getting us to think and talk about our future with cruise ships, his approach may not be the one we need.   The challenges we face from cruise ships are environmental, not just population increase. The cruise ships are big polluters, following

  • To the Editor: Look at the data 

    To the Editor:  I was concerned about the pictures from Testa’s in last week’s Islander accompanying the story about the citizens’ petition to limit cruise ship passengers.  Besides missing basic information like the time each was taken, it was not pointed out that the empty room on May 25 was on a preseason Wednesday and

  • To the Editor: Hold them accountable 

    To the Editor: If we’ve learned anything from the January 6th hearings so far, it’s that Trump and his allies will go to any lengths to gain and stay in power. The hearings have proven that they planned, promoted and paid for a months-long criminal conspiracy to overturn the election they knew they lost –

  • To the Editor: When will it stop? 

    To the Editor:  My name is Tim Searchfield, I am a Bar Harbor resident. I own a bed and breakfast here in town.  I watched the July 19 Town Council meeting with interest. On the schedule was a discussion of land use ordinances and how a group of 200-plus citizens hope to stop cruise ships

  • To the Editor: No laughing matter 

    To the Editor: Jest as he may, I think letter writer John Fuhrman (“It’s all Trump’s Fault,” Islander, July 14) might think twice about laughing off the harm done by the Trump presidency. But I will grant Fuhrman this, it’s certainly not all Trump’s fault. While Trump’s style was more or less a novelty act

  • To the Editor: Beware false advertising 

    To the Editor:  Recently I received a postcard promoting “Maine’s Home for Christians, Constitutionalists, Conservatives.” If you identify as a conservative and you find this message compelling, beware! You are being lied to and manipulated. If you identify as Christian, these folks are leading people far from the values taught by Jesus. If you love

  • To the Editor: Inexcusable behavior 

    To the Editor:  In response to the article about the secret emails held by the Tremont attorney published in the Quietside Journal, I feel the behavior of attorney James Collier is inexcusable.   He is supposed to be working for the town of Tremont but instead seems most interested in protecting and advancing the interests of

  • To the Editor: Worthwhile effort 

    To the Editor:  A big “thank you” to your newspaper for its front page coverage on June 27 of the Jesup Library’s fund-raising kickoff celebration. I also appreciate the Islander’s coverage of the second annual Ashley Bryan Lecture that was given on July 14 by nationally-acclaimed poet Nikki Giovanni.  Since 2012, the Jesup has been preparing to update

  • To the Editor: Match campaign a success  

    To the Editor:  I am pleased to announce that Island Connections’ 25 for 25 More Match Campaign exceeded its goal!   We launched our match campaign on May 25 with a party to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We have been providing free transportation to medical appointments for seniors and people with disabilities on Mount Desert Island

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