Letters to the editor

  • To the Editor: Right to information

    To the Editor:   Anyone who has been to one of its meetings knows that the Southwest Harbor Select Board is a dysfunctional group.   The meetings are filled with confusion, in part because some board members appear not to understand the complexity of the various issues they are discussing. Furthermore, some members – Chairman Chad Terry in particular – interrupt

  • To the Editor: Quality of life issue 

    To the Editor:  I am sure the irony posed by two articles in last week’s paper did not go unnoticed. The article on page 3 depicts the herculean efforts by organizations like the Island Housing Trust to provide affordable housing for Mount Desert Island’s workforce. The other article, above the fold on Page 1, describes the legal uncertainties resulting from the Bar

  • To the Editor: Stand together 

    To the Editor:  I write this letter today with hopes that we never forgot the ruthless, senseless attacks on our nation on Sept. 11, 2001, or the sacrifices made that day by everyday people on the planes and by fire fighters, emergency medical services, police, hospital workers and our military.   That day, the world saw the true and real America. Please never forget these people who gave their lives on that day saving the lives of others, those who died that day did doing a job they loved – defending the lives of others, at the cost of their very own, as true Americans who swore to protect the lives of others. The people and children of today should study these selfless acts of valor and heroism that occurred on that day. They should learn about the pride, honor and commitment that was instilled in those people – something that seems to have been lost lately in our youth and society today.  America

  • To the Editor: Protect what you love 

    To the Editor:  Sunday, Aug. 29, was a historic day on Frenchman Bay. Close to 125 boats representing the lobster industry, local aquaculturalists, recreational boaters, conservationists and environmentalists chugged their way from local harbors to join the “Save the Bay Flotilla” protest. The goal was to bring attention about the industrialized fish pen operation that Norwegian-based American

  • To the Editor: Not very neighborly 

    To the Editor:  Nearly everyone harbors their own feelings about abortion; those flames have been fanned off and on ever since the passage of Roe v. Wade back in 1973.  May I suggest, however, that the law recently passed in Texas seems to open a quite new facet that ought to be of concern to everyone,

  • To the Editor: Get up to speed 

    To the Editor:  During the COVID-19 pandemic, having reliable, high-speed internet has become more crucial than ever. The world has moved even more online, yet many Mainers are being left behind due to lack of infrastructure and walled out because of unaffordable rates.  BroadbandNow, an independent group that researches high-speed internet coverage in states around

  • To the Editor: Little things can be done 

    To the Editor:  The hazy skies and red afternoon sun over Maine lately bring to mind the saying, “We all live downwind.” The horrible fires on the West Coast are brought home to us 3,000 miles to the east, with yet another reminder that climate change is here. Deniers have grown quiet, as almost every day brings new evidence.   For those of us who believe that

  • To the Editor: Not in Maine’s backyard 

    To the Editor:  For years, New England Clean Energy Connect and CMP have used deceptive practices to support their corridor project.  CMP received unknowing approvals from some town leaders along the corridor in the promise of lower taxes. A few outfitters in The Forks Region supported CMP by the promise of money and coveted land along the Kennebec

  • To the Editor: Losing qualified personnel 

    To the Editor:  Dear Bar Harbor Community,  We, the Bar Harbor Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4666, are writing this letter to reach out, inform and clarify to the community several concerns regarding retention and recruitment at the Bar Harbor Fire Department.  Currently, the department is budgeted to staff four full-time firefighters a day, 365 days

  • To the Editor: Doing the right thing 

    To the Editor:  I am a civil rights attorney who has studied admiralty law, litigated admiralty cases in the federal court, extensively briefed the obligations of contracts clause of the Constitution and litigated many constitutional claims in state and federal court. I read with interest Ethan Genter’s article in the Aug. 26 Islander regarding cruise ships in Bar Harbor.  

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