Letters to the editor

  • Letter to the Editor: Wrong on right whales

    To the Editor: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) technical memo referenced in the Nov. 1 article “Regulators walk back rope strength claim” highlighted the lobster fishery because of its size and scope. Not surprisingly, the industry has come out hard against the memo’s conclusions, especially one related to the 2014 vertical line rule.

  • Letter to the Editor: Constant turmoil

    To the Editor: The United States democracy has never been so threatened as under the leadership of President Trump. He has kept us, the citizens, in constant turmoil by belittling and insulting us. He has threatened to cause major violence rather then using a collaborative method to solve problems. He has not been truthful to

  • Letter to Editor: Race thanks

    We at Island Connections would like to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of those affiliated with the 3rd Annual Running for Rides/Mary Parker Memorial Race, held Saturday, Oct. 13. The day was cool and overcast for the runners, however the rain held off until the last of the runners crossed the finish

  • Letter to Editor: Pond thanks

    To the Editor: Hamilton Pond is beautiful, again. I want to express my thanks to whoever did the work to fix the dam, and allow it to fill with water. I’ll bet the wildlife like it better, too. Good work. J. Clark Stivers Bar Harbor

  • Letter to Editor: Effects of microplastics

    To the Editor: A Green Plan presentation by Madelyn Woods, M.S., marine research coordinator, Shaw Institute, made me curious about plastic’s impact on the ocean, humans and our local economy. The presentation showed a mussel ejecting microplastics ingested from Maine waters; the mussel eventually stopped eating. Shaw Institute research (2012) detected microplastics in Blue Hill

  • Letter to Editor: Violence is a no-win

    To the Editor: Another October, another Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Another opportunity to acknowledge the prevalence of domestic violence and abuse, and to shed light on the courage of survivors. As executive director of The Next Step Domestic Violence Project, a nonprofit agency serving Washington and Hancock counties, I am heartened by the willingness of

  • Letter to Editor: Global impact

    To the Editor: As the current president of the Bar Harbor (MDI) Rotary Club I get to see, first-hand, Rotarians volunteer their time and efforts on projects both within our community and beyond. Sometimes those projects have immediate, satisfying effects like the Park Street Playground revitalization or the Bar Harbor Kids Book Festival. Sometimes those

  • Letter to Editor: A rare opportunity

    To the Editor: In November of 1997, after 50 years of being in one room at the Jesup Memorial Library, the Bar Harbor Historical Society moved to the former St. Edward’s Convent on Ledgelawn Avenue. At that time, we never could’ve imagined being able to fill every room in the building with so many significant

  • Letter to Editor: Commission not needed

    To the Editor: The Islander’s description of the choice voters have to create a Bar Harbor charter commission on Nov. 6 (Articles 2 and 2A) misses the mark. A charter commission does not present individual amendments to the voters which they can individually assess. By state statute, a charter commission completely repeals the old charter

  • Letter to Editor: Support for Pre-K

    To the Editor: No doubt about it, educational funding in Maine, and the nation, is a complex issue. We must educate our children so they are prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and deeply interconnected world. Our investments now will determine the course of prosperity in Maine for generations to come. 69