Letters to the editor

  • Letter to Editor: Vaccine mandates

    To the Editor: Next Wednesday, the legislature’s Education and Cultural Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on LD 798, a bill that would remove two of the three exemptions from vaccine requirements for school and other public services, thus making Maine a mandatory vaccine state. Of the present three vaccine exemptions, the extremely restrictive medical

  • Letter to Editor: Mission transition

    To the Editor: A beautiful, snowy morning on Frenchman Bay seems like the right moment to reflect a little on my first days as president of the Maine Seacoast Mission. My first days have been gloriously filled with stories: how, in 1917, the Sunbeam I first brought dental services to Maine’s coastal island communities, how

  • To the Editor: New Deal a bad deal

    To the Editor: There is an expectation in this republic that the duly elected representatives of the people will represent the people. Not so for the voters of Congressional District 2 (CD2) in the state of Maine. As the freshman representative from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has established herself as the standard bearer of the

  • To the Editor: Local control

    To the Editor: Recently, we were made aware of a change taking place in corporate health care in several counties here in Maine where a certain health care provider contracted with out-of-state medical providers, causing angst amongst the people it serves. This week I received a copy of the “Good Medicine” February issue of MDI

  • Letter to Editor: Inhumane system

    To the Editor: We just returned from volunteering in Tijuana, Mexico with a group whose mission is to educate people who are seeking asylum in the USA about the process ahead. We were appalled to learn how the thousands of individuals and families fleeing violence in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and elsewhere are being

  • Letter to the Editor: Road conditions

    In 70 years of driving in Maine winters, I have driven in far worse storms than the one on Feb. 15. But, I have never seen the roads so ignored. I left Portland in rain. By Freeport there was snow mixing in with windrow buildups. All snow beyond Augusta. There were two sets of ruts

  • Letter to Editor: In good hands

    To the Editor: What started as a regular day wasn’t to be later that evening. After my weekly visit to Pat’s Pizza I got home and I couldn’t breathe so I called 911. An ambulance crew came and got me to the ER. They get very concerned when your saturation level goes down to 88

  • Letter to Editor: Winter kindness

    To the Editor: There are so many reasons I love living in Maine — the granite outcrops, the spruce-lined hiking trails, wild creatures that wander across my yard from time to time, the ocean breezes and cool temps. Today I am reminded of the best reason: its people. After the recent snow when my road

  • Letter to Editor: Go slow on solar

    To the Editor: Concerning the editorial on “Solar struggles” of Feb. 7, I think there are some additional comments to be made concerning A Climate to Thrive’s efforts and “success” in solarizing MDI. The editorial addresses concerns for fair pricing of electrical power, and to some extent the impact of solar on the cost, when

  • Letter to Editor: Caring health care

    To the Editor: I want to take the opportunity to thank the wonderful doctors, caregivers and support staff at your Mount Desert Island Hospital that my son enjoyed (yes, “enjoyed”) this past week. It was especially appreciated because no family member was able to visit. Telephone calls sufficed. He was always upbeat and grateful. Tucked