No vision

To the Editor:

I was one of the silent people at Mount Desert Island High School for the meeting with Governor Paul LePage last week. I was shocked by his belligerent behavior.

Unfortunately, no one asked him about the Juniper Ridge Landfill and the long-term toxic waste that would be released into our Penobscot River watershed if it comes to fruition. Those who voted for him have doomed our Maine children and grandchildren.

He listens only to the “tea-publicans,” not the Maine people.

LePage’s notion of stewardship defies every concept of economic and ecological discussion we have ever had in the State of Maine. It goes against every core human ecology concept ever spoken about at the College of the Atlantic or any institution of higher education.

What happened to an educated, detailed discussion about the future of Maine with serious science and common sense?

Northern Maine’s rivers flow from the headwaters of Mount Katahdin and the Western Mountains. Maine must protect these headwaters with a national park. The Penobscot and Kennebec rivers are the life’s blood of the Gulf of Maine fisheries. The governor wants to enlarge a landfill in the Penobscot River Watershed and fill it with Canadian garbage.

Does this sound like stewardship?

The LePage doctrine will destroy Maine not build its future. Everything I have heard from him convinces me that he is not worthy of the position he won with only 39 percent of the vote.

He is a bully and should resign.

The people of Maine must protect the headwaters of Maine’s great rivers for the future, just as George B. Dorr, John D. Rockefeller and the great forward-thinking men and women of the late 1800s protected Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.

The 61 percent who didn’t vote for him are fed up with his total disregard for our states resources. Another three years of this behavior will destroy the fabric of our great state.

The real future of Maine is an economy based on a healthy and thriving ecology. LePage is destroying Maine. I am one of the proud 61 percent who never voted for him.

Please resign, governor, for the sake of our children. We do not trust you as a leader. You have no vision.

Michael J. Good

Bar Harbor Maine

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