Negotiate, don’t bomb

To the Editor:

Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. Why did we fight these wars? What were we trying to achieve? Did we succeed, or did we fail? What consequences have we wrought on the countries we attacked? What, if anything, have we learned?

American artillery used in combat goes like this; targets are usually at least six miles away, therefore, people firing the weapon have little idea how many people they’ve killed or who the people are. Wherever the shell lands, everything within a circle with a radius as long as a football field, dies.

Think about the drones and how far the person firing the drone is from the target and how much larger the explosive is. One Tomahawk missile fired from a ship off the coast of Iran could easily remove the new freedom tower in New York City, and everything in a circle for blocks around it. Never mind the follow up from jets off the aircraft carriers near by.

Negotiate with Iran. Don’t bomb. Bombing is not the solution to the problem. To quote Churchill “Jaw, Jaw is better than War, War”

Robert A. Rice


Seal Cove

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