Making all votes count

To the Editor:

The political system here in the United States is in need of a change. A presidential national primary is called for.

How can this be accomplished?

Anyone wishing to run for our highest office in the land would not be permitted to declare their intentions until April 1 of the election year. Then those candidates would campaign until the national primary voting day, which would be the first Tuesday in August.

Candidates campaigning would convey to Americans why they consider themselves best qualified to be a presidential candidate for their party. During the campaign, there would be three national debates to allow us, the citizens of the United States, to better determine the best choice.

All citizens of voting age would be eligible to vote in the primary. New voters would be able to register to vote even on the day of the election or choose the absentee ballot avenue prior to election day.

Voters would have one ballot with all the candidates listed. Voters would be able to vote for one candidate among Republican, Democrat, Green, independent or others as long as they are a registered voter. They would not be limited by a party registration.

The results would give us the choice of who the people would like for each party’s presidential candidate.

The political parties would launch their conventions to confirm their elected candidate and develop their platform for the upcoming election season.

On Labor Day weekend, the presidential campaign would get underway.

How would this improve the selection of a presidential candidate for each party?

First, we Americans are perfectly capable of deciding our choice for president without enduring two years of campaigning.

Second, the huge of amount of money currently expended under the present system is completely unnecessary. Perhaps, under the new system, we could limit the big money influence of the super PACs on the election outcome.

Third, streamlining the primary process through the elimination of individual state primaries and caucuses would certainly cut back on the rules confusion and mayhem that exists at the moment.

Finally, every voter counts in the USA. This much needed change in the selection of presidential candidates would give the voters an opportunity to help preserve and strengthen democratic elements of our precious and delicate democracy.

Bob Chaplin

Bar Harbor

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