Maine’s potential to reshape history

To the Editor:

As a fairly recent emigrant from Hancock to the West Coast I recognize that I may be seen as having no business trying to influence the vote of any Maine citizen, and I do in fact admit that this is true. But I simply want to point out to you that your vote for U.S. senator this year will have enormous consequences.

Gone are the quite recent days when we sent conscientious Republicans like Bill Cohen and Olympia Snowe to the Senate. The current Republican Party has been hijacked by the Tea Party so as to become the party of misogyny, racism and the theft in broad daylight of funds belonging to all of us by the rich.

Your current senator, Susan Collins, feels that she deserves re-election even though she looks to Mitch McConnell for direction as to how she should vote. In an evenly divided Senate, her vote sometimes has the potential of deciding the direction in which our country will be going for generations, as for example the huge number of judges now being installed by McConnell.

Because you have the same number of senators as states such as mine and California, Texas, etc., but with a much smaller population, your own individual vote carries much more power than does a vote out here in the West. Please don’t allow Mitch McConnell to continue running your state (and the country).

Eric C. Perkins

Port Angeles, Wash.

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