Love one another

To the Editor:

The Confederate flag has come to symbolize racial prejudice, though many still see it as representing loyalty to ancestors who fought in the Civil War.

I applaud Housing Authority head Terry Kelly for asking the resident at Maple Lane Apartments in Northeast Harbor to take down the public display of the Confederate flag (as has happened in many Southern states of late).

Rather than Kelly’s action being one of inhibiting freedom of speech, I rather see his action as educational, in the sense of demonstrating our society’s need to avoid proliferating messages of hate and prejudice; to stop hate killings; to open our hearts, instead.

Perhaps Kelley’s stance could turn into a civil dialogue in which people begin to note that we are all human, and that we all have similar needs, the primary need being love. Let’s all get together and “Try to love one another right now.” Why not?

Betsey Bess

Southwest Harbor

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