Looking closely

To the Editor:

I respond to a letter in a recent Islander by my good friend and medical colleague, Edward Gilmore, M.D. As a physician, I have nothing but great respect for Dr. Gilmore, whom I have known and admired for over 40 years. Obviously, I have a different view and opinion about “Medicaid expansion of service” than Dr. Gilmore.

No one is more dedicated than Senator Brian Langley in finding an effective and responsible system to provide health care services to those who are in need and are unable to provide for themselves. Langley has studied this issue in depth. For the benefit of all the people who live in District 7 and for the entire State of Maine, he has looked at all short- and long-term results and consequences of this legislation. I wish all who question his final position would review his great speech to the Maine Senate on this issue. Langley has carefully “looked under the covers” to see all the realities and potential results of Medicaid expansion.

The goal is to provide for those who are in need in a responsible manner – in both the short and long term. Expansion that adds to fiscal irresponsibility and deficit at both the Federal and State level is not good for anyone. Ever-increasing, unregulated and uncontrolled cost shifting to those who purchase health care and insurance for themselves and their families is an unfair system.

With great respect for all who struggle with the realities and consequences of this issue, I submit we have no greater friend and sympathizer than our outstanding Senator, Brian Langley.

William C. Bromley, M.D.


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