Little done of consequence

To the Editor:

While I watched the latest Republican debates, the question was asked “What do you see as the greatest threat to the United States?”

There was an expectation, I presume, that responses would include the rise of mass shootings in this country, or perhaps the threat of jihad from various rogue groups around the world.

In my opinion, the greatest threat to the United States today is the government’s inability to govern – the inability of the legislature to compromise and reach a consensus for the common good.

With members of both houses of Congress rising to hurl insults and point fingers at members across the aisle and joining together to take potshots at the president, the end result is that little of consequence gets done.

But wait. Just before adjourning for the holiday recess, an announcement was made that a compromise budget has passed both houses and been sent on to the president for his signature. It was an event that was so spectacular that the leaders of both parties in both houses appeared on television to congratulate themselves and their comrades.

I have a news flash for them. Ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly what we elected them and sent them to Washington to do.

It is my hope when the Congress reconvenes in January, that this spirit of compromise can continue. Only then can we at home be confident that they are working hard for our benefit.

Tom McAfee

Bass Harbor

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