Letter to the Editor: Letters and facts

To the Editor:

I always read the letters to the editor and often find those who write them to have opinions and points of view that are insightful and engaging.

However, too often writers present statements of fact as part of their letter which are not true.

Climate change is a fact well documented by a majority of the scientific community. Letters claiming other wise do a disservice to your readers.

More recently a letter claiming that both Presidents Bush and Obama had engaged in family separation was not true. Yes, that rule was in place but both administrations used their legal discretion to not enforce that aspect of the ruling by not detaining families at all rather than separate them as they judged that inhumane.

Further, if we are going to point to the law, the current administration is holding children longer than the 20 days allowed. If you allow unfactual statements presented as fact to be printed in your paper you are neglecting your mission to inform accurately.

Laura Grier

Mount Desert


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