Letter to the Editor: What unites us?

To the Editor:

Like many others recently, I was shocked by the sudden and tragic death of NBA great Kobe Bryant (as well as that of his daughter and of the other passengers on the ill-fated helicopter). Bryant was a terrific one-on-one basketball player who seems to have influenced large numbers of people and whose talents extended beyond sports.

Still, I acknowledge being taken aback by the massive outpourings of grief at his death. He was neither a world leader, or a Pope, or a Nobel laureate, nor was he a Premier, or a billionaire — he was an athlete.

Perhaps, though, at this juncture in America, sports is the only thing available that allows us to put aside all of our deep differences and come together as real human beings. If so, that is both a good thing and also pitifully sad.

Lewis Redding

Bar Harbor

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