Letter to the Editor: Only one way to stop threat to democracy

To the Editor:

The news from Washington seems to get worse every day. Mueller’s investigations are revealing what we all suspected: this administration is probably the most corrupt in our history. As the string of indictments closes in on Trump and his family, a constitutional crisis could be imminent.

The rest of Trump’s oligarchic administration, while not mired in outright illegalities, is systematically dismantling decades of mostly bipartisan laws that established environmental protections, health care coverage, worker rights and minimum wage, support for higher education, public housing, the safety net, and a fair tax system.

The Republican-controlled Congress, salivating at the opportunity to push its radical agenda that benefits the rich, refuses to stand up to Trump. Senate Republicans can’t wait to pack the Supreme Court with a majority that will be able to negate protections for We, the People and progressive initiatives that might be passed by future congresses and presidents. The lions of the Senate are dead, and our self-proclaimed moderate Senator Collins refuses to stand up to her party’s leadership when it really matters.

In Augusta, Paul LePage is encouraged by Trump’s behavior to slash and burn with a vengeance at every turn in his last months in office. His treatment of legislators on both sides of the aisle and of our public servants is despicable.

There’s only one solution: vote for Democrats at every level. Until the radical Republicans understand that the current madness will not be tolerated, there’s no other way to save our democracy. Vote for Democrats to take over the State House, the Governor’s office, Congress and the Senate.

An important opportunity to engage with the Democratic candidate for Governor is taking place at the Somesville Fire Station next week. Betsy Sweet, a progressive candidate for governor in the Democratic primary, will be introducing Janet Mills at a special Town Hall Forum at 4:30 on Sept. 27.

Sweet, a champion of women’s issues and Maine’s Clean Election system, is actively working to make Mills Maine’s first female governor. Mills, Maine’s Attorney General for the last eight years, and a former state legislator, has courageously held the line against LePage’s most egregious policies and been a champion of working people and families.

Betsy and Janet will be on MDI for most of the day. Betsy will be meeting with COA students before the forum and with Indivisible MDI right after — check Facebook or contact me if you want to participate.

Janet will be participating in an educational meeting with members of A Climate to Thrive at the Bar Harbor Public Works site on initiatives to make MDI energy independent by 2030, and how transformative energy policy strengthens local economies, creates jobs, and addresses climate change.

Join us on Thursday, Sept. 27, to meet Janet Mills. Then vote Democratic on Tuesday, Nov. 6. It’s our only hope for our state and the nation.

Gary Friedmann, Bar Harbor





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