Letter to the Editor: Maine people deserve better 

To the Editor: 

You would think, or like to believe, that a four-term senator with 24 years of experience would know the difference between competence and incompetence, between integrity and corruption, between truth and fiction, between moral and immoral policies. Yet, for the past three and a half years, our senator, Susan Collins, has willfully supported, protected and enabled an inherently corrupt, completely dishonest and breathtakingly incompetent President.  

The consequences of Collins’s failure to hold the President accountable for  

his corruption of our government and his incompetency has led to the historic  

economic and health care disaster we now face. Collins values loyalty to a president, even a corrupt one, more than she values loyalty to the people she represents.  

For the past four years, Susan Collins has demonstrated that she is far more interested in proving her loyalty to Donald Trump than protecting our civil rights, preserving our rule of law and sustaining our governmental institutions.  

Susan Collins’s displaced loyalty to the Trump/Mitch McConnell agenda in order to pander to Trump supporters has had disastrous effects on women’s right to choose, environmental protections, civil rights and the rule of law, which are being severely threatened and undermined. Collins was even willing to sacrifice our health care protections, including health insurance guarantees for preexisting conditions, in order to serve her political aspirations.  

You would think that a senior senator like Susan Collins would know that her constituents are not fools. We know when we are being deceived and betrayed. Yet Susan Collins prefers to treat Maine voters like pawns, pandering  

to Trump supporters while pretending to be “moderate” and “independent.” Collins boasts she’s saving Maine’s small businesses from the effects of a pandemic that she and her Senate colleagues could have largely averted had Collins not protected and covered for a President woefully unfit for the office he holds. 

The people of Maine deserve better. We deserve a senator who always places public service above self serviceSenator Collins has clearly demonstrated that she is more interested in the latter than the former. 

Jonathan Stolley  


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