Letter to the Editor: Learn, and live 

To the Editor:

What to say about the Millinocket wedding partiers and their defiant preacher, Maine’s own COVID-19 super spreaders? They wouldn’t wear masks for safety, at least they should cover their faces in shame. 

All Maine’s good pandemic safety compliance and Mainers’ hard sacrifices under threat. For what? Republican party loyalty? Allegiance to Pres. Trump? 

When they say a few rotten apples ruin the barrel. A stitch in time saves nine. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We’re in it together. These are not, as Republicans would have you believe, radical socialist communist extremist leftist anarchist propaganda. They’re the wisdom of the ages, the laws of nature, common sense and common decency.  

Annlinn Kruger
Bar Harbor 

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