Letter to the Editor: It takes a village

To the Editor:

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child and as people living on an island made up of many villages, I think we all know how much we touch each other’s lives. As a community we all grieve the loss of our children.

Every child is born into two families. Some families are well known for being upstanding members of their community, some are well known for other reasons, but there are always two families.

Some people are good parents, some people just have children, and some people grieve never having had any chance at all.

Some parents do everything right and tragic events still take a child from them.

Some parents watch their children make poor life choices for a long time.

Some people use their children as pawns to manipulate situations, breaking their children in the process.

Some parents put the needs of their children ahead of their own, even if it means stepping aside rather than causing more harm.

Some people are taken out of a child’s life for good reasons.

Some parents and grandparents are cut out as a punishment

Some people assume responsibility for their own shortcomings and imperfections while other people blame everything on someone else.

Some people use words to build others up, to encourage others, to help. While some people use their words to tear others down, to inflict as much pain as possible, to cause damage.

Some people are compassionate in times of great loss. Some people would use that loss as an opportunity to punish someone.

Someone could, for example, use an obituary, to exclude an entire family from a person’s life.

Some people are cruel, but think a display of meanness, spite, or vengeance will make them feel better.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest condolences to all the families who have suffered the recent loss of the children of our communities.

I would also like to thank everyone for your heartfelt expressions since the death of my son, Brian J. Jordan.

James Jordan

Bar Harbor

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