Letter to the Editor: Forgive those who harm you

To the Editor:

Kathleen (Jacobs) Pinkham is my mother. She is 90 years old, now living in the dementia unit at Orono Commons nursing facility.

I cared for her for eight years, so that she could live independently. Now I have been granted the honor of guardianship for her.

This includes caring for the gravesite in Southwest Harbor where she will join my father in final rest.

Each year I place a cross-shaped wreath, made by our Cornerstone Church family, on the grave.

This week I found the headstone with a bumper sticker covering mother’s name.

I am confident I speak for my mother in response to this.

Kathleen’s parents started Cornerstone Church as they believed. They believe that God sent his son Jesus to die for our sin. That we may be forgiven and have everlasting life.

Kathleen brought her children and grandchildren to know Our Savior as well.

I know in my heart that she would just pray, for whoever desecrated the grave, that they come to know His love and forgiveness too.

This is the reason we celebrate His birth Christmas Day.

Our prayers are for you. God bless.

Valerie “Jake” Jacobs, Mount Desert

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