Letter to Editor: Migration misery

To the Editor:

President Trump has doubled down on his pledge to remove undocumented immigrants from this country.

This has been tried in other countries without positive results. In 1985, Muhammadu Buhari became Head of State of Nigeria with a pledge to make Nigeria the leading nation on the African continent. One of his strategies was to have over 700,000 non citizens rounded up and trucked to bordering countries.

I was living in Togo (a neighboring country) at the time and witnessed caravans of flatbed trucks passing through carrying 50 to 100 people with their belongings. Occasionally trucks would tip over, leaving wreckage on the side of the road. Some would die, many were traumatized and many lost their possessions.

Nigeria did not become a great nation under Buhari’s leadership. Eventually many of the people who were deported moved back to Nigeria to be with their families and try to put their lives back together.

I’m sure many experienced leaders have told Trump that our country would be better served by helping countries to our south improve their living standards.

If Trump chooses to listen to the hawks in his administration, many families will be displaced and traumatized, businesses will be shut down and some will loose their lives. In the end, we will all pay.

Bill Shaw

Bar Harbor

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