Letter to Editor: Criticism, or just complaints?

To the Editor:

First of all, a disclaimer — I am writing this letter completely as a private citizen and my remarks do not represent the Bar Harbor Town Council in any way.

Over the last few months, I have read with interest comments by several people critical of decisions made by various bodies of town government. We have had many letters to the editor and even more posts on Facebook critical of town decisions. A few have made suggestions for improvement, but the complaints far outweigh any constructive criticism.

We have had several citizen initiatives on the ballot over the last few years, some successful, some not.

There are several ways of handling disagreements, such as petitions, citizens initiatives and lawsuits, all perfectly legal in our democracy.

But there is another way to resolve differences of opinion and that is the suggestion I have for you today. If you don’t like the way things are being done, why not approach the Town Council or the Town Manager or the committee with whom you disagree, offer your opinion and offer to work with them toward a solution that best benefits the town?

I don’t think there is a single resident here that does not want the very best for Bar Harbor. So if we all want what is best, why not work together to achieve that goal?

There are several boards and committees that have vacancies. Please apply to serve and let your voice be heard.

There will be three seats up for election on Town Council in June. Run!

Probably the most frustrating scenario I have seen is when someone is outspoken and critical of a situation and, as a result, is invited to serve on the very committee that could change that situation, yet they refuse to serve.

A town is only as good as its people. Becoming a keyboard warrior and constantly complaining does nothing to help the greater good. Step up! Even if you have no solution or suggestion for improvement today, you participation is still valuable and can lead to a solution that benefits the town as a whole.

Let’s all play nice in the sandbox and work together toward the best community we can be. Enough bickering. Enough petitions. Enough lawsuits. Let’s all solve the problems by being part of the solution.

Judie Noonan

Bar Harbor

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