Lessons from my father

To the Editor:

If I followed my father’s advice to believe only half of what I hear, half of what I read, and half of what I see on the news, the only word that would come to mind about Bar Harbor’s financial status is “unbelievable!”

To be looking at a more than 4 percent property tax increase is irresponsible.

Another of the things my father taught me is that if you cannot afford it, do without. In the financing of this town, if we cannot afford it, or if the budget predictions are off, or if revenue is down for whatever the reason, the attitude seems to be just to raise taxes.

I think it is about time we have a feasibility study to discover the reasons why our taxes keep going up. This study shouldn’t cost more than $25,000.

As we have done in the past, we could use the “cruise ship” monies to pay for it.

All those in favor?

Mike Gallant

Hulls Cove

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