To the Editor:

On a recent visit to Mount Desert Island, the most beautiful place on our planet, I had the privilege of attending a book discussion with former Senator George Mitchell on his newest book, “The Negotiator.”

It was a wonderfully informative event that showcased the breadth and substance of Mitchell’s extraordinary public service career. The senator was kind, humble, funny and talked directly to the audience on current affairs without any of the political psychobabble.

It occurred to me that evening and has bothered me ever since – where are the George Mitchells of this political cycle? While watching the current presidential debates and contest, I am left to ask – really? This is the best we can do?

No wonder people are disenfranchised and looking for something new in our political leaders.

I wish more politicians would learn from the example set by Mitchell. Take a stand, say what you mean and lead!

Senator, thank you for your service to this state, country and planet. Your leadership is sorely missed.

Stephen Kinney

Hartford, Conn.

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