To the Editor:

Many years ago, I chose Mount Desert Island Hospital to have my children. I chose them for their professional and caring staff. Today I heard about the ongoing situation between the nurses union and administration at MDI.

I have been a nurse for more than 31 years. I want to share my concerns over hearing that experienced nurses at MDI are being referred to as a “hard boiled egg, how long can you boil it?”

Some days, nurses probably do feel that way. I can tell you with great assurance, however, that nurses are not eggs.

I have met some of the current nurses at MDI. They represent the quality and professional caring that protects patients by putting a voice to safety concerns. They stand for the very purpose of their licensure. They are patient advocates.

I am writing to express my support for these fine professionals. I want to see them treated with the respect for their years of service and experience. They are teaching the new generation of nurses by setting examples through good leadership.

Elizabeth Faraci, RN


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